11th May 2024

Emergency Maintenence Notification

Dear Customer,   We would like to inform you that we have urgent maintenence for your network service.     * Impact                Network Jitter and Disconnect * Start Time           2024-05-16 00:00 KST * End Time            2024-05-16 05:00 KST * Impact Duration   Max 30 minutes     We apologize in ...

18th Oct 2023

Price adjustment of our U Series server

ISP prices have risen drastically since this year. we are forced to increase the prices of our Elastic bandwidth Server.  The price change will come into effect on 1 Dec 2023 for new orders   Prices for products ordered before 1 Dec 2023 will not be affected. Affect on: Elastic bandwidth Server.(U Series) 30Mbps server price increase of ...

14th Apr 2023

DCI POP Maintenance Notice

    Ø  MOACK Maintenance Notification   Maintenance Time 2023/04/26 02:00 ~ 04:00 (YYYY/MM/DD GMT+9)   Purpose of maintenance DCI POP Equipment Replacement     Maintenance Impact Multiple upstream isp disconnects, packet loss and latency become ...

2nd Jan 2023

Price adjustment of our products

Energy prices from suppliers have risen drastically since this year. we are forced to increase the prices of our dedicated server by approximately 10 %. In addition, we also unfortunately need to implement a serious increase to the electricity/air conditioning rate for our colocation products.   The price change will come into effect on 1 Feb ...

18th Aug 2022

Elastic bandwidth server network equipment maintenance notice

    Ø  MOACK Maintenance Notification   Maintenance Time 2022/08/20 02:00 ~ 03:00 (YYYY/MM/DD GMT+9)   Purpose of maintenance Abnormal error reported by device module     Maintenance Impact Elastic bandwidth server will be disconnected twice, once for 2~5 ...

14th Jun 2022

Now we start accepting cryptocurrency for payment

What can I buy from MOACK with cryptocurrency?All our services How do I know how much cryptocurrency to enter?All eligible MOACK products will be clearly priced in cryptocurrency . This price will include any applicable taxes. Note: The timer on the payments page will display the amount of time you have to complete your payment. If time ...

25th Jan 2022


22nd Jul 2021

Notice Of Work From Home

Because of the increasing severity of COVID-19 and the infection of people in our office building, we are now working from home   Implementation time 2021/07/22 ~ 2021/08/06   The effects are as follows 1.Anything involving the need for on-site processing may be extended to 24 hours(Except for emergencies) 2.Access IDC is strictly ...

7th Feb 2021

Notice of Lunar New Year Holiday

30th Dec 2020

Elastic bandwidth network maintenance

This is to inform that we will conduct a planned maintenance at the date/time given below in order to check Elastic Bandwidth network Please check the below and hope you could help us to conduct this to support you with stable service.   Start date & Time :2020/12/30 18:00 End date & Time: 2020/12/30 20:00 Expected down time : Less ...