4th Jul 2020

Elastic bandwidth server online and 50% discount, the minimum cost is $59

We started the pre-sale of mku-5s-ssd-l today: E5-2630l / 32g RAM / 400g SSD basic hardware configuration + 30mbps bandwidth is only $59 E5-2630l / 32g RAM / 400g SSD basic hardware configuration + 50Mbps bandwidth is only $79 E5-2630l / 32g RAM / 400g SSD basic hardware configuration + 100Mbps bandwidth only $129  limited to 50 units, active ...

10th Jun 2020

NoVNC Guide

Hello: We have fixed compatible support for novnc, and you can now use the following steps to access novnc (for reference only) 1.login in to panel 2.click noVNC KVM console 3.after a few seconds, you can access noVNC console If you see update checker,you can click later to pass it, do not click another, we will disable update checker in the ...

13th May 2020

2020/05/14 News

3rd May 2020

WeChat Official Account Launched


We have launched our WeChat official account. You can receive your login alert, invoice reminder, and customer service in the future. Through WeChat, we can serve you more conveniently



12th Apr 2020

Promotes continue, $39 server

Dear customers: The server promotes of $ 29 is too popular, but many customer cannot get the order, we have launched an additional server product of $ 39. Based on the server of $ 29, this server upgraded the CPU and memory to Dual E5-2620 V3 /DDR4 32G RAM https://www.moack.co.kr/dedicated.php The MK-6S-SSD-L or MK-6S with promote ...

4th Apr 2020

rDNS setting guide


We currently active the rdns function, you can follow the pictures below


1.Click Reverse DNS



2.Set rDNS record 



After that, you can use https://www.whatismyip.com/reverse-dns-lookup/ to check rDNS record





14th Mar 2020


尊敬的客户:   我们开启了29美金随机服务器活动,您可点击www.moack.co.kr/dedicated.php  查看最下方MK-R产品,该产品使用优惠码82IWKQ4L5V后仅需29美金 该产品将随机开启以下型号: 随机 Dual E5-2450L/E5-2630L/E3-1220 随机 16/32 GB RAM 随机 1TB HDD/240G SSD/480G ...

6th Mar 2020


尊敬的客户:   因疫情原因我们将维护计划提前至2020年3月7日   请您及时注意,对此我们深表歉意,维护期间涉及到电力断开,请您在窗口期及时主动关闭服务器,否则可能造成硬盘突然断电导致的数据丢失   维护窗口时间:   2020年3月7日0时~2020年3月7日6...

11th Jan 2020


各位用户: 为保障您的服务器安全,请您及时开启两步验证 两步验证开启方法: https://www.moack.co.kr/clientarea.php?action=security 您可以选择短信验证或手机密钥验证 这样可以极大的避免您的网站账户被侵入,导致获取您的服务器控制权,因为我们的服务器控制面板...

4th Jan 2020

免费云存储空间 Free MOACK Cloud Backup!!!

  MOACK Cloud Backup!   MBC备份产品赠送活动 MBC-1基础备份软件免费赠送 数量有限,用完即止 优惠码“freembc" 基于Acronis Cloud ...