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How do I expand the storage space on my Dedicated Hosting Server?
  • To ensure that our servers can be delivered in 5 minutes,so our server can not be automatic upgrade,If you need to upgrade the configuration.

    Please submit the ticket or send us an email. We will upgrade the hardware within 30 minutes after receiving your payment..

What are the various ways to access my Dedicated Server?
  • After you purchase, our system will start the automatic delivery process, you only need to wait about 5 minutes, you will receive an email containing the login information..

    You can also restart, shutdown, power on, reinstall the system, etc. through our control panel..

What exactly is Dedicated Server Reseller ?
  • We offer different discounts for reseller, You can get more affordable server, and then resell them to your customers, earning the difference.

    all the technical services are borne by us, you only need to sell.

Is there a reseller control panel?
  • Yes,we have.

    you can manage your server activation, renewals, etc. through your reseller account.

Will my clients know it’s me…or my hosting company?
  • The server you sold does not have any of our brand identity, you can even let us announce the IP to you.

    then the IP is all under your account,you can assigned it to your customers.

How to join the reseller plan?
  • The lowest reseller plan does not require any foundation, you only need to contact us . If you need a higher discount, please contact us by phone or email.

What is Cloud Server?
  • Our cloud servers are based on openstack, providing HA and CEPH cloud storage.

Is an upgrade possible from my current cloud Plan?
  • Yes of course.

    you can upgrade your cloud at any time without worrying about your data.

Can i creat own intranet?
  • Yes,Through our VS(virtual switch),you can creat your own private network.

    Connect your clouds together.

Is there any money back guarantee with the cloud?
  • We provide any funds refund, please see our TOS.

What is Cloud VPS?
  • The cloud server is based on our KVM virtual, compared to the cloud, does not provide intranet, HA and cloud storage.

Is the cloud VPS resources exclusive??
  • Based on our powerful server cluster and resource allocation system, you can enjoy your hardware resources exclusively..